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Last update 19 March 2014

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Handouts from Life, the Universe, and Everything 32 (Science Fiction and Fantasy Symposium)

Callihoo Publishing's first paperback book!

Mind Bridges Mind Bridges, a collection of Julia H. West's short fantasy fiction, is now available at Amazon in paperback or as an ebook. Seven stories, most also available separately as ebooks from Callihoo Publishing, now in a more economical format!
Schlock mailingThanks to Howard and Sandra Tayler for the Schlock Mercenary shout out! Find links to Julia West's ebooks here.

Buy One, Get One Free! How? Buy any Callihoo Publishing ebook. Read it and enjoy it. Review it on, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and/or Goodreads (extra brownie points if you review it in all these places) The review must be more substantial than "I liked this story," or "I didn't like this story". Send an email to Callihoo Publishing at reviews at, telling us where the review is. Tell us which ebook you'd like to receive free, and what format you would prefer it in (i.e., mobi, epub, etc.). You'll receive your free ebook by return email. (One free ebook per person, please.)

All Callihoo Publishing's ebooks are available from, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. If you have read and enjoyed any of Callihoo Publishing's stories, please leave reviews at these sites or on Goodreads or your favorite library site.

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